Parish Council

The Blessed Sacrament Parish Council advises and assists the Pastor in his duties as shepherd and canonical administrator of the Parish. The members of the council include:

  1. Representatives from parish organizations that were formed with the permission of the Pastor. Those representatives are usually the elected or appointed heads of the organizations.

  2. The Pastor and other ordained  clergy assigned by the Bishop of Metuchen to serve the Church of the Blessed Sacrament.

  3. Lay trustees of the Corporate Board of the Parish.

  4. The Director of Religious Education, the Office Coordinator of the Religious Education department, and the Director of the Liturgical Music Ministry.

  5. Parishioners appointed by the Pastor, who may not meet the above criteria.

The Parish Council meets monthly, generally on the fourth Monday of the month. One meeting a quarter includes a public session, which parishioners are encouraged to attend.