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A Message from Dan Neff

Music-Director-Dan-Neff.jpgDan Neff, Music Director Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I pray you all are having a wonderful summer. It definitely has been a hot one for us so far so remember to stay hydrated. It has been about a month now with our choral season coming to an end for the summer. Our Adult and Children's choir are taking some well deserved time off. It has been another amazing year for the ministry and I pray this coming year we can continue to grow and do more things all in song to praise the name of our Lord. I am very happy to say, as many of you have seen our choir robes are in and being worn each weekend at Mass. The robes were implemented as soon as they arrived for confirmation and has been wonderful to see the choir and cantors in each weekend bringing a much professional look to the ministry. Looking ahead for this coming choral season I have many plans and I ask as always for your support and prayers. One major thing we are going to be doing this year is a membership drive. I do wish we can grow the ministry more, but the only way to do this is with your help. WE NEED YOU!! If you have ever thought about joining please come and speak with me and when we begin rehearsals again come and give it a shot. Our rehearsal schedule for this year will be for the Children's Choir on THURSDAYS (please note this is a change in day) at 6 pm in the Church. Rehearsals for the Children last about a half an hour. They will continue to sing at the 9am Mass on on Sundays. The Adult choir will continue to rehearse on Thursdays at 7:30pm in the music room. Rehearsals last till around 8:45-9pm depending on what we need to cover each time. Please note as we approach holidays rehearsals do last a little longer from a larger repertoire we need to go over. We will have our annual Christmas Concert with Nativity this year; I will be looking to change somethings around placing more traditional music in so we can all sing together. When we sing we pray twice!! The ministry will also be looking at having another concert some point in the year of different hymns of the Church. More information will follow. I do ask for your prayers for the Lord, to continue to guide the ministry and we work together as a parish family. I pray you continue to have a very blessed and relaxing summer.

See you all soon
God Bless
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