Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and Altar Servers


Lectors, also called “Proclaimers of the Word”, assist at Mass by reading the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures for the mass. They may also read the Prayers of the Faithful. Lectors must be practicing Catholics who have completed confirmation.
Eucharistic Ministers assist at Mass by distributing Holy Communion to parishioners. They may also volunteer to take Holy Communion to home-bound parishioners and to local hospitals. Eucharistic Ministers must be practicing Catholics who have completed confirmation. They must also be commissioned by the Diocese.
Altar Servers assist at Mass by leading the entrance and recessional processions, holding the Lectionary book for the priest as he invokes prayers, and assisting the priest during the offertory and Eucharistic prayers. Altar Servers must have made First Communion.
Parishioners who are interested in serving as a Lector or Eucharistic Minister, or have children interested in being altar servers, should contact the Religious Education Office, 732-356-4405.