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 Tuesday May 30th 2017





Fr Rick Rusk, Pastor

Fr Rick Rusk, Pastor


Please help us ensure the accuracy of our weekly contributions! Every week, a group of volunteers counts the weekly collections. Their goal is to not only tally the total amount collected, but also to accurately associate the various cash and check contributions with the correct parishioner account. If you use envelopes for your contributions, please write the amount of your donation on the outside of the envelope. This simplifies the process for our volunteers. When the amount is not written on the envelope, your account may not be credited with that donation. This could result in your annual charitable contribution statement being understated, which could affect your income taxes.Thanks as always for your generosity!

Also I would like to sincerely thank our volunteers who count the collections. You spend many hours each week helping us and your fellow parishioners. Thank you so much
for your service!
God bless
Father Rick


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