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 Sunday August 28th 2016

Fr Rick Rusk, Pastor

Fr Rick Rusk, Pastor

From the Pastor’s Desk

The Holy Father reflected on the Feast of the Assumption in the following.

“She was the first to believe in the Son of God, and she is the first to be assumed into Heaven in soul and body. First, she received Jesus and took Him in her arms when He was still a baby, and she is the first to be received by His arms to be introduced into the Eternal Kingdom of the Father. Mary, a humble and simple girl of a lost village on the fringes of the empire, precisely because she received and lived the Gospel, is admitted by God to be for eternity beside the Son’s throne. It is thus, that the Lord puts down the mighty from their thrones and exalts those of low degree (cf. Luke 1:52).

Mary’s Assumption is a great mystery that concerns each one of us; it concerns our future. Mary, in fact, precedes us on the way on which all those go that, through Baptism, have bound their life to Jesus, as Mary bound her life to Him. Today’s feast pre-announces the “new heavens and the new earth,” with the risen Christ’s victory over death and the definitive defeat of the Evil One. Therefore, the exultance of the humble girl of Galilee, expressed in the canticle of the Magnificat, becomes the song of the whole of humanity, which is pleased to see the Lord bend over all men and

all women, humble creatures, and assume them with Himself into Heaven.”

Fr. Rick



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