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Fr Rick Rusk, Pastor

Fr Rick Rusk, Pastor






Saint Josephine Bakhita

Feast Day: February 8

She was only seven years old, when slave traders kidnapped her from her loving family in Africa. Her abductors treated her with such cruelty that she even forgot her name. They named her Bakhita, the “fortunate one” in Arabic, and forced her to convert to Islam. Despite her trials, she showed us the path to true freedom through reconciliation and love.

Josephine Bakhita was born in 1869 in Sudan. She was bought and sold many times, and suffered greatly under cruel masters. It was only when she was purchased by the Italian Vice Consul Callisto Legnani, that she was treated humanely. In 1885, Legnani returned to Italy, taking Bakhita with him. He gave her as a gift to his friends, the Michielis. When their daughter Mimmina was born, Bakhita became her nanny.

When the Michielis went to Sudan to run their big hotel, they left Bakhita and Mimmina in the custody of the Canossian Sisters in Venice.  It was there that Bakhita came to know the God of Christians, the God she had always felt in her heart, giving her strength throughout her torments. When the Michellis returned for them, Bakhita refused to leave, and asked to stay with the Sisters. 

Bakhita became a Catholic and, in 1896, she took her vows. Until the end of her life in 1947, she served God and her community. She was the gentle cook, seamstress, and porter, attending the door, with an ever-present smile and gentle voice.  Pope John Paul II canonized Bakhita in 2000.

Prayer: Saint Bakhita, intercede for us, to be free from our earthly shackles.

God Bless,

Father Rick




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