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 Thursday March 21st 2019


From the Pastor’s Desk

Msgr Prus, Pastor Emeritus

We will welcome Spring again on Wednesday.  While it    wasn’t a really bad winter I think we have all had enough of it anyway.  Our heating unit in the Church has broken down several times in recent weeks so I signed a maintenance   contract with the company which installed the heating and air conditioning units in the Church.  Regular maintenance will help a great deal to eliminate future breakdowns.  If you were with us on Ash Wednesday, when the last breakdown occurred, I’m sure you will appreciate the need.

We are pleased to welcome Father Timothy Cristy to our Parish today.  He will be the guest speaker at the Communion Breakfast sponsored by our Knights of Columbus.  Father Cristy is the Vicar General of our Diocese.  A Vicar General is something like the Vice President.  Whenever our Bishop is away, the Vicar General is in charge.  I have known Father Cristy many years and I am very happy that he could accept this invitation to be with us.  Please welcome him warmly.

Our elevator will be operating very shortly.  We had to install an alarm system in the event that someone would get stuck in it.  I thank you for your patience.  The project turned out to be far more complicated than anyone expected.

God Bless,

Msg. Prus

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