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 Sunday February 26th 2017


Fr Rick Rusk, Pastor

Fr Rick Rusk, Pastor

This is the reflection of the Holy Father on Last Weeks Gospel.
“In particular, in today’s Gospel, Jesus examines three aspects, three commandments [that regard] murder, adultery and swearing. With regard to the commandment ‘you  shall not kill’, he states that it is violated not only by murder in effect, but also by those behaviors that offend the dignity of the human person, including insulting words (cf. v.  2). Of course, these insulting words do not have the same gravity and culpability as killing, but they are set along the same line, because they are the pretext to it and they reveal the same malevolence. Jesus invites us not to establish a ranking of offences, but to consider all of them damaging, inasmuch as they are driven by the intent to do  arm to one’s neighbor. Jesus gives an example. Insulting: we are accustomed to insulting; it is like saying “good morning”. And that is on the same line as killing. One who insults  his brother, in his heart kills his brother. Please do not insult! We do not gain anything…. Another fulfillment is generated by the matrimonial law. Adultery was considered a  violation of man’s property right over the woman. Instead, Jesus goes to the root of the evil. As one comes to killing through injuries, offences and insults, in this way one reaches adultery through covetous intentions in regard to a woman other than one’s own wife. Adultery, like the, corruption and all the other sins, are first conceived in the depth of our being and, once the wrong choice is  made in the heart, it is carried out in concrete behavior. Jesus says: one who looks with a covetous spirit at a woman who is not his own is an adulterer in his heart, has set off on the path towards  adultery. Let us think a little bit about this: about the wicked thoughts that go along this line. Jesus then tells his disciples not to swear, as swearing is a sign of the insecurity and duplicity with which human relationships unfold. God’s authority is exploited so as to guarantee our human narrative. Instead, we are called to establish among ourselves, in our families and in our communities, a climate of clarity and mutual trust, so that we can be considered sincere without resorting to greater tactics in order to be believed. Mistrust and mutual suspicion always threaten peace!”
God Bless
Fr. Rick


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